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Russia, Kamchatka, a view of the volcanoes Flat Tolbachik and Ostry,lenticular cloud

These Aren’t UFOs, They’re Bizarre Clouds – Have You Ever Seen Them?

Meteorologists say there are two rare weather phenomena that will blow your mind. These types of clouds have people on the ground reporting them as UFOs! One type is called lenticular clouds and the other is “hole-punch” clouds. What these satellites captured aren’t UFOs – They’re holes in the clouds


3 Immense Waterspouts Found in Alabama

Three immense waterspouts form simultaneously in Alabama. Dozens are unaccounted for after flooding in Virginia, as tropical moisture brings flood threat to the South and Southeast. Plus, today’s weather alerts and more. 3 Immense Waterspouts Found in Alabama Beachgoers in Alabama saw a real-life weather event that mimicked the scene


Ferocious Flaming Vortex

While we might laugh at horror movies of hypothetical situations like Sharknado, a Firenado is no fantasy, it’s a rare but real flaming nightmare. In 2018, one equivalent to an EF3 tornado occurred in California. What is a firenado? According to the National Weather Service, a fire tornado, concatenated into a

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Weather Event Caused Meat to Fall from the Sky

It’s an event known as the “Kentucky Meat Shower,” where large chunks of flesh fell, appearing to be red meat, from the sky over Olympia Springs in Bath County, Kentucky… Here are various theories from scientists. Weather mystery: The great Kentucky meat shower We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s raining


March Has Most Tornadoes in History

The climate crisis has reached a new level as March 2022 saw more tornadoes than in history, leaving scientists concerned over a dangerous increase in early-spring tornadoes – by a lot! March 2022 sets records for most tornadoes in US history As climate change continues to create record-shattering conditions for


Dead Psychic Predicts Weather Disasters

The so-called Nostradamus of the Balkans, blind-psychic Baba Vanga, made several weather-related predictions for the year 2022, several of which have already come true. Find out what else she predicted for this year. Freak storm leaves 12-year-old girl blind and psychic As a result of a massive storm, a freak