Dead Psychic Predicts Weather Disasters

The so-called Nostradamus of the Balkans, blind-psychic Baba Vanga, made several weather-related predictions for the year 2022, several of which have already come true. Find out what else she predicted for this year.

Freak storm leaves 12-year-old girl blind and psychic

As a result of a massive storm, a freak tornado forever changed the life of a twelve-year-old girl born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, transforming her into the “blind psychic” now known as Baba Vanga.

Vanga was raised in Strumica, a village located at the foot of a volcanic mountain range in what was then the Ottoman Empire, the New York Post reported.

Baba was like any other child in her village, living an ordinary life, until a massive storm delivered a freak tornado when she was twelve. The twister flung the young girl into the air, then slammed her to the ground with a powerful gust of wind. After the powerful cyclone, the girl went missing.

Baba lay in a world of darkness for several days before her family reportedly found her. She was injured, her eyes sealed shut and encrusted with a thick layer of dirt and dust.

Later, the little girl would say that she lay there alone and missing during the first days, even though she could no longer see in this world, she began having visions of the future. She felt she had been instilled with the ability to both predict the future and heal people.

Accurate predictions?

According to some reports, Vanga’s predictions were said to have an 85 percent success rate. Among her startlingly accurate predictions are:

· The Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in 1980.

· The 44th US president would be Black (Barack Obama).

· 9/11, that “steel birds” would attack America.

· Putin would win the 2018 election.

Baba Vanga died at the age of 85 in 1996, but she left the world with many predictions for the years ahead.

The blind psychic makes shocking weather predictions for 2022 – many already true

According to the Mirror, here are some of the weather-related predictions Baba Vanga made for the year 2022.

  1. “Intense bouts of floods”

Vanga predicted flooding would hit Australia and parts of Asia particularly hard.

Result (True): Eastern Australia saw massive floods in 2022. At least twenty-three people died, according to Wikipedia.

  1. Water shortages

Vanga predicted that many cities would face water shortages.

Result (True): New satellite observation published this week showed Peñuelas Lake in Chile, a body of water that provides drinking water for 2 million people, appears to have dried out, the Independent reported. IN FEBRUARY, the US federal government announced that the Central Valley water project, California’s largest water delivery system, the lifeblood to many of the state’s major agricultural areas, would limit water. Some farms would be given no water at all in 2022. The Guardian reported that California’s agricultural belt provides 25% of America’s food. In its third year of severe drought, KTLA reported, California’s reservoirs have decreased by 26.5%. Federal authorities will also begin limiting water from the Colorado River aqueduct, which provides water to about 19 million people in Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and Mexico.

  1. Earthquakes and tsunamis

Vanga predicted earthquakes and tsunamis for 2022.

Result (True): With only three months into the year, we have seen earthquakes in various unusual places in 2022. The worst was a 5.3 magnitude and Badhgis, Afghanistan, which collapsed or damaged 800 homes and killed 30 people on January 17. In Indian Asia, West Sumatra, a 6.1 magnitude killed 19 people on February 25. Four people were killed in a 7.3 magnitude earthquake offshore of Fukushima, Japan, on March 16. 

There have been two major tsunamis in 2022, including the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai eruption and the tsunami resulting from a volcanic eruption, and another in Fukushima as a result of an earthquake.

  1. Extreme temperatures in India

Vanga predicted parts of India would reach 122 degrees, causing locusts to attack crops and creating famine.,

Result: Remains to be seen. There are nine months still remaining in 2022.

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